How to start a sales call

Setting Up The Sales Visit

How To Start A Sales Call | The Successful Sales Call Blueprint

Using the phone to get through the receptionists and assistants to the decision maker to set up a sales visit, or even to direct them to your website can be a daunting task. These gatekeepers are instructed to limit access to busy managers that shun unsolicited inquiries.

There is no formula that guarantees success on every such call, but it helps to develop scripted messaging guidelines that overcome the standard resistances. Use the following script template to improve sales penetration by phone:

Good (Morning/Afternoon) my name is (your name) and I’m from (your Company name). Ask for the contact person who should be the Buyer, or if you don’t have a name say: I’d like to speak to the person who purchases “X,Y” products/services , or advertising if it is for a website.

If the receptionist is hesitant or asks what this is in regard to, say:

We supply X,Y products or services to major customers. I’m sure if you tell 
(contact name) that I’m on the phone he’d/she’d be interested in talking to me.


> We have the most comprehensive products/services or website and we’d like to do business with your company. I’m sure if you tell  
(contact name) that I’m on the phone he’d/she’d be interested in talking to me.

If they absolutely will not let you through get the name and title of the contact person – verify the address, e-mail, name of the company, and say that you will send out some of your literature by post or e-mail attachment.
Then enter this information in the prospects database for this territory. Send out an e-mail, a letter, or brochure and indicate when it has been sent. After sending it call again after two weeks – ask for the contact by name and say that you are following up on a package or e-mail that you sent to their attention.

When you get the contact say that you are verifying that they received your package or e-mail, and then continue with the script.

When you get the contact person on the line:

Good (Morning/Afternoon) my name is (your name) and I’m from ______. We’re low cost, high quality suppliers of X,Y products/services. We pride ourselves in being an American (or other country) based supplier capable of competing against offshore companies.


> We’ve been recently chosen as the most comprehensive website in our industry. We reach a broad demographic range, and are currently offering our products/services to selected customers at low introductory pricing.

I’m calling you because we have been very successful with some of your competitors (if they ask who, say that you wish to maintain client confidentiality but perhaps the Sales Manager could give them some names) in reducing their costs and turn around time on products/services. Our guaranteed on-time delivery means that you can tie up less of your money in inventory and have greater peace of mind.


> We strongly believe that your advertising message would be a good fit with our targeted website audience.


> Do you use X,Y products and services? We know we can be competitive and provide exceptional quality, service, and value – how does that sound to you?


> Have you advertised on related sites? We feel that our site is unique

If there is interest, state – What I’d like to do is have our Sales Rep or Manager stop by to see you while they are in the area. Arrange the times and dates – do not ask what day is good – always direct the conversation.

Or > We invite you to browse through our website. We are certain that you will see why all the attention we are getting is merited. Our Sales Manager will call you back in three days to see what you thought and
discuss possible participation.

If they refuse to pick a day or view the website ask why.

NOT ENOUGH TIME – We’ll schedule the appointment for your convenience and I’ll make a note for the Sales Manager to take no more than 15 minutes of your time – surely you have 15 minutes to see the benefits that working with our Company will bring to your organization.


Sales Meeting Opening Speech | How To Start A Sales Call Over The Phone

How to start a sales call

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NOT INTERESTED – HAPPY WITH EXISTING VENDOR, OR, ALREADY ADVERTISING ON OTHER SITES – Well it can’t hurt to have a good backup – particularly one who has a very experienced customer service department, who can deliver products/services quickly, and/or that carries a large inventory.

You won’t have to scramble at the last minute with us – why don’t you take 15 minutes to see our representative so that you can fully discuss how we can improve on fulfilling your needs at every level.


> I understand that you are already advertising on other websites,but a visit to our site will convince you that you will be getting exposure on a unique site with a powerful search engine ranking that people will associate with your own products and services.

If you can’t get an appointment or get them to view the website, verify their name, company name, address, and say that you’ll post or e-mail them a promotional package for their review. Then give the information to the Sales Manager.

Follow up after an appropriate time interval and add a few new wrinkles to the scripted message, from information you may have gleaned on the last call.

If they pick a day for the appointment say is morning or afternoon better for you? When they give you a choice say I have an opening for (say a time) how would that be? Once you have a firm appointment say I’ll call you on (the last business day before the appointment) and verify . Thank them.

Give all information to the Sales Manager including the customers assumed attitude and any personal information you may have picked up.



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