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The Do it Yourself (DIY) Business Implementation System is the result of many years of working with a variety of small businesses across North America and internationally. But, unfortunately, most small business owners just cannot afford the services offered by established consulting companies. These costs can easily run into thousands of dollars.

Business Implementation TipsFrankly, we were part of this group of professional consultants and this allowed us to gain a high level of hands-on experience in working with the small business sector.

However, we have also realized that too many small businesses get left out of this much needed structural assistance because they simply can’t afford it.

This, in turn, led to the realization that most of the controls and structures that we were putting into place could be implemented by the owners and managers if provided with concise instructions. The result of this rethink is the DIY System.


To offer highly affordable solutions for structural business improvements accessible to every small business. Our effective business structures and controls provide a solid foundation that greatly enhance the success of any business.

To provide a platform not only for business controls but also for a sound knowledge of business fundamentals.


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