Frequently Asked Questions

Simply save or copy them to a separate folder.

As long as you understand the fundamental behind the controls then you can certainly use replacements. We can also guide you to acquire useful Apps for your type of business.

Yes, we use an OSD platform and it is compatible to both.

The full extent of our corporate mission is to become a viable, ongoing resource for small businesses by providing useful, new and up-to-date information in our blogs.

Yes, just tell us what you need and we will be happy to oblige.

Yes, our staff of professionals provides the support and back-up when necessary. Just e-mail your inquiry using the Contact form.

Anyone with some business knowledge should be able to do it. Whenever possible choose key personnel from departments that most correspond to the content.

The guidelines provide implementation by the numbers. You simply make entries where indicated.

The purchase of all four packages for $235 is equivalent to one hour of consulting time by a reputable firm. Your immediate return on investment will be readily reflected on the bottom line.

The DIY business fundamentals can be applied to almost any type of business and can easily be modified to match a particular business sector. It particularly targets small businesses, start-ups and individuals contemplating a new business launch.