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February 27, 2017



The redesigned blog features enhanced navigation and increased content.

24 February, 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

GSM Management Services is a Canadian based company with an international reach featuring Internet based business management fundamentals. We are delighted to announce the launch of our redesigned blog, which became effective as of July 23, 2016.


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In this blog, visitors will find a trove of business related topics, which ties in elegantly to our unique D.I.Y GSM Biz System. This system uses the evolutionary power of the Internet to improve management skills in a low cost and efficient way.

Pennistone Media‘s Director of Digital Marketing, and media consultant to GSM, Angella Grey, offers us her valuable resources to assist us in establishing a leading edge, and lasting informational blog where new and seasoned entrepreneurs can find a permanent home. The focus of the blog is to enhance the success parameters for our website visitors in today’s competitive global environment.

We have added more content and improved navigation capability to enhance the experience of every visitor to our site, and to connect them to useful information that will help them to grow their business.

The calendar year-end is a propitious time to gain a refreshed approach and to learn new skills. It is hoped that this timely blog launch will stimulate a re-think on all aspects of managing a business – from organizational structure , sales and marketing, to financial controls. The prime objective of the redesign was to make every visitor aware that our website is an ideal platform for their business management needs. We also want our blog to become a stimulating space for interactive communication.

Another useful feature of the redesign was to build quick links to our main GSM website’s social media platforms, Twitter feed, spotlight , featured, and DIY sections.

We invite you to visit our website and learn more about Business Restructuring Strategy.

GSM Management Services profile:

We are a Canadian company with a global reach. Our mission is to provide business start ups, students of business, business owners, and managers with unique, low cost, easy to implement tools, and educational material to help them to succeed.
We are primarily small business, focused but the fundamentals that we espouse are pertinent to any size or type of enterprise.

Contact Information: Angella Grey –


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