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Best Buy – This allows already established businesses to cherry pick 12 of the 50 items offered in our four packages and choose the missing links.

They can choose spreadsheets, guidelines, and tutorials from any of the four packages of Sales & Marketing, Organizational Structuring, Financial Controls, and Operations.
This allows our customers to weigh the quality of the products, and the quality of response to any follow up questions that they may have. They can subsequently choose another twelve items at a later date.


Turnaround And Restructuring Consulting |Turnaround Consulting Services

Turnaround And Restructuring Consulting
Financial Ratio Analysis For Small Business

This provides a lag time for the absorption of material and implementation. The investment is staggered over a period of time, which allows them to proceed at their own pace.

Our DIY implementation system is designed to provide the maximum benefit without any undue pressure to purchase or complete the program within a specific time.

We strongly feel that all items which are offered can enhance the understanding of the fundamentals of business management, but we leave it up to our customers to choose their own best approach.

Our System


The GSM DIY System with its 50 ITEMS is all that most small businesses will need to greatly improve their success.

Organization (17 items)

Financial Controls (13 items)

Sales and Marketing (10 items)

Operations (10 items)