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Financial – Provides a comprehensive loop of financial controls with a focus on the future consequences of decisions.

Business Plan Financial Controls

Why Select The Financial System – In order to take control of the company’s financial levers, the DIY System guides you to look beyond the historical financial records provided by the Income and Balance sheet statements.

These give you a picture of the past.

You certainly need to have an accurate record of your financial performance to date, but you must then project these into the future for a clear picture of what will happen to revenues and profits if the current trends continue.

financial-controlThe DIY System accomplishes this by providing both the guidelines and the spreadsheets that you need to look into the future. It allows the key personnel to use what-if scenarios without disturbing the accounting records.
The six to twelve week cash flow projections, the annual budget broken down into monthly segments, and the variance report are provided and explained.

The DIY System guides you to input the necessary data by following the step-by-step instructions. Another key tool is the Sales Trend Analysis spreadsheet which automatically projects the sales results for the year-end when you enter actual monthly figures. The same spreadsheet can be utilized for profit trends and individual sales performance.

Organization Structure

Small Business Financial Controls

All of these allow management to make timely corrections and reduce year-end surprises for the stakeholders. There are also tutorials on account receivable, credit policy, and on the purpose and significance of budgeting. Many small companies tend to price their products or services poorly, often relying solely on competitive pricing.

The DIY guidelines and spreadsheet assure that you take into account all your costs as a percentage of the direct costs, and realize that there is also a labor burden to consider in the pricing.
Every company must be aware of its break-even point and the DIY System provides you with a handy tool that accomplishes this for the week, the month and annually using an escalating scale and graph.

Our System

Financial Control
Annual Budget Fundamentals   (Code #14. )
Annual Budget Spreadsheet   (Code #15. )
Annual Budget Guidelines   (Code #16. )
Weekly Cash Flow Guidelines   (Code #17. )
Weekly Cash Flow Spreadsheet   (Code #18. )
Pricing Model Spreadsheet   (Code #19. )
Pricing Fundamentals   (Code #20. )
AR Collection Procedure   (Code #21. )
Break Even Guidelines   (Code #22. )
Break-Even Spreadsheet   (Code #23. )
Sales Trend Spreadsheet   (Code #24. )
Sales Trend Guidelines   (Code #25. )
Credit Policy   (Code #26. )

If you or your company is having difficulty staying on top of your financial health? We have mastered the art of organization and business management and stand 100% behind our DIY System. Pick up your Small Business Financial Controls tools for entrepreneurs today.