How To Scheduling Systems For Small Business | Small Business Scheduling System

Operations – Allows you to optimize your work and process flows, and evaluate, schedule and reward the none office employees.

Why Select The Operations Systems – Efficient planning of work flow through the department that has the hands-on responsibility of producing the products and services that are offered by the firm can produce significant cost savings. This holds true whether you operate a complex manufacturing facility or a kitchen in a fast food restaurant.

How To Scheduling Systems For Small Business

operationsThe factors that contribute to superior efficiency and productivity are time, motion and budget related.
Techniques in coaching and motivating production personnel must be part of the acquired knowledge and practice of the supervisory staff.
With this in mind the DIY System provides a simple and effective scheduling system geared to a small company, where you can allocate responsibilities and time completions.

Two key flow charts on project management and material flow allow you to easily adjust the pieces to fit your specific situation, while clearly understanding the principles involved.
Feedback and clear objectives for the operational personnel are contained in the evaluation procedure.

Organization Structure

Small Business Scheduling System

The evaluations are tied to functional operational descriptions for Project Manager, Foreman, and a duties list for both skilled and unskilled staff.

Other useful tools that are offered in the package, and have been implemented in many companies, deal with projections on costs to complete a project,and a bidding success rating that permits a prior assessment of the likelihood of winning a quote.

A tutorial on effective coaching techniques completes the D.I.Y. operational loop.

Our System

Project Scheduling System  (Code #37. )
Project Management Flow Chart  (Code #38. )
Job Descriptions Templates  (Code #39 and Code #39b. )
Material Control Flow Chart  (Code #40. )  
Production Employees Evaluation  (Code #41. )
Project Completion Flow Chart  (Code #42. )
Project Cost To Complete Spreadsheet  (Code #43. )
Bid Projects Success Rating  (Code #44. )
Duties List – Production Personnel  (Code #45. )