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Organization – Focuses on the efficient functionality of your human resources by connecting all the necessary pieces: description of functions, leadership, evaluation, hiring, interviewing, and results based incentives.

Why Select The Organization System – For an organization to operate efficiently the DIY System provides all the key elements that a small company needs. It starts with defining the functional positions that your company cannot do without, like the function of General Manager.  

Business Management Tools for EntrepreneursYou never start with a name of a person and allocate some convenient title to him/her. The DIY System shows you how to build a chart of functional positions, which is called the functional organizational chart. This chart defines the communication and reporting lines between the different functions.

The functional positions in the company are described in detail with the responsibilities, duties and authority clearly established. Use the DIY templates and customize them to exactly fit your industry. You must also include the measures of performance which tie everyone to the company’s goals and objectives. This in turn is connected to an evaluation which provides a means of regular appraisals and feedback for all the employees. In order to hire the right employees you must use appropriate interviewing and hiring techniques.
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Business Management Tools for Entrepreneurs | Organization Management

Simply follow the guidelines in the DIY System on this important subject. Leadership is another key element that is explained clearly and offers an excellent tutorial for entrepreneurs. Good leaders always seek ways to improve performance and you can gain great insight into this subject by following the DIY performance improvement method. Communication within the company structure is paramount to consistent results.

Efficient company meetings are another cornerstone that are clearly explained and ready for implementation. To close the organizational loop the DIY System offers an employee incentive program based on the company’s profit objectives, the different levels of responsibilities and the evaluation score of each employee.

A template for a Company Policy manual provides most of the important elements and allow you to rapidly launch key policy guidelines.

Our DIY System

Functional Organization Fundamentals   (Code #1. )
Organization Chart Template (Code #2. )
Job Descriptions  –  4  Items  (Code #3. )
Performance Evaluations  – 2 Items (Code #4. )
Performance Evaluations Guidelines   (Code #5. )
Employee Interviewing Techniques   (Code #6. )
Interview Evaluation Scoresheet   (Code #7. )
Productive Meeting Format   (Code #8. )
Employee Incentive Plan Spreadsheet   (Code #9. )
Employee Incentive Plan Guidelines   (Code #10. )
Improve Employee Performance   (Code #11. )
Employee Policy Manual- Template   (Code #12. )
Effective Leadership   (Code #13. )



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