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Sales & Marketing – The accent here is on proper planning, control, evaluation and guidance of sales personnel, and on successful sales techniques.

Why Select The Sales & Marketing System – You cannot steer a ship without a navigational chart and you can’t guide a company without a concise business plan for the future. The DIY System offers you a proven business plan template that you can easily customize to fit your industry and targeted market segments.

Having a plan makes it much easier to approach financial institutions and investors to raise necessary funding. In order to be taken seriously it must have certain key elements that these players will be looking for.

Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Sales and Marketing

The DIY template allows you to utilize key text and content that will allow you to make a favorable impression to outsiders, and most importantly to define for yourself the playing field in which you are competing.

Online Advertising For Small Business

Tie the business plan to a three-year budget, using the DIY financial tools, and you will have an accurate navigational map.

Beyond the business plan, the DIY sales package provides the tools to assess your sales and marketing personnel on a timely basis, determine their goals and objectives, and monitor them regularly.

A tutorial on successful sales techniques, building an effective sales force, and cold calling offer useful guidelines for the sales team.


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Sales and Marketing
Business Plan Detailed Template   (Code #27. )
Business Plan Worksheet    (Code #28. )
Competition Profile   (Code #29. )
Evaluating Sales Personnel   (Code #30. )
Goals & Objective Guidelines    (Code #31. )
Sales Prospects Rating    (Code #32. )
Sales Reps Effectiveness Measurement     (Code #33. )
Building An Effective Sales Force    (Code #34. )
Succeeding in Cold Sales Calls      (Code #35. )
Six-Step Sales System     (Code #36. )