Seven Ways To Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

The four drivers of marketing – product, price, promotion, and place – have been transformed by the digital age. This is particularly true for promotion and advertising. Without some form of advertising, potential customers will not be made aware of your business, and the products and services that it offers. This is just simple logic. But since the onset of the digital age, advertising and promotion have taken different twists and turns that require a new mastery.

The methods of advertising have changed dramatically in the digital age. The ingenuity of marketing managers has never been more tested to come up with new ways of getting their messages out to the public. The successful ones have discovered a trove of exciting digital strategies that are well suited to the global reach of the internet.

 E-mail marketing

Continues to be used but with limited impact. Abuses like spam and the establishment of regulations against spamming , has restricted this avenue of promotion to permission e-mailing, opt-in subscriptions, and to sending out E-zines and newsletters. Though this can still be an effective marketing tool, it can limit the sales effort to existing customers. It is essential to add an ever-green array of new customers to opt-in to e-mails. One way of accomplishing this is to provide new and interesting website content exclusively for those visitors who sign in with their e-mail addresses.

Article marketing

Articles that carry a message geared to niche markets have taken the lead in online advertising. These articles utilize an indirect approach. They do not refer directly to particular products and services offered by the company. They are designed to allude tangentially to them through helpful information that appeals to the general public. For example, a wine maker can write an interesting article about the wine making process, which drives traffic to the company’s website. Self-help, how-to, and various tips on best techniques are examples of articles that can generate internet traffic to a particular website.

To these subliminal hints in the body of an article, you can also add a personal profile of the author. This creates an opportunity to add the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the company’s website and leads to the exposure of its products and services through back links.

Article Directories

Many websites have been created for the exclusive purpose of accepting and posting articles to their site. This repository of articles and information, covering a vast and varied content, attract millions of visitors. These directories are frequented by other marketers looking for free content to enhance their own website’s traffic capability. This creates a vast network of linked websites that have an additive affect on traffic. A single article could conceivably connect thousands of other marketers. This is how articles, and YouTube videos go viral and acquire a global following.

Writers gain recognition and influence

Article and blog writers can gain international renown by submitting fresh and interesting content. The writer(s) become celebrities in their field of expertise, and have significant influence in the kind of choices that people make. Finding and developing creative, business oriented writers has become an essential part of cutting edge marketing.

Honing article writing skills

Always write as if you are talking to someone in particular. The more personal the message, the more interest it will generate. This translates into always keeping in mind the niche customers that you are trying to reach and appealing to their needs and wants.

Don’t get too technical

Writing should be attractive to as many people as possible from all walks of life and all levels of education. Find the critical balance that will make your articles appealing, both to the professionals and amateurs. Stay away from complex terminology that will be understood only by the initiated.

Avoid controversy

In articles that have a marketing purpose it is advisable to stay away from controversial topics and negative messages. This usually excludes political , socially sensitive, and religious topics. Keep it informative, simple, positive and potentially appealing to a large audience. Lean towards the light and humorous.

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